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Welcome To Allegro Beagles And Professional Handling Services and Rancor Dachshunds

An AKC Breeder Of Merit

We are a small exhibitor of 13 and 15 inch Beagles and Wirehair Dachshunds located in Northern California. Our goal is to perserve the breed, while improving the most desirable traits of the family dog, such as temperament, trainability, and intelligence. Our Beagles are household pets with careers, which include conformation, obedience, and agility. We have recently started a side project of showing and breeding Dachshunds under the Rancor name.

We do not currently have anything available and do not plan on having any litters at this point. We are taking a break from breeding to raise our 2 legged family. You can visit Stockton Beagle Club or The National Beagle Club for a list of other breeders

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